Leaving a Lighter Footprint

At The Mayfair, we are continuously seeking new ways to minimise our impact on the environment and reduce our usage of energy, water and waste. In order to achieve this, we’ve developed a range of modern initiatives and we’re excited to share some of them with you. We continue to develop our sustainability initiatives and work closely with our suppliers to ensure we are doing our bit for the planet.

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The Mayfair is proud to work with Trees That Count to mitigate parts of our carbon footprint over the next 50 years, and help protect New Zealand’s threatened biodiversity. Guests can choose to bypass their daily room service, and in return the Hotel commits a donation towards planting native trees in the community. 

That’s good for our carbon footprint, and good for Aotearoa.

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Tiaki Promise

Aotearoa is like nowhere else on Earth. It is precious, and everyone who lives and travels here has a responsibility to look after it. The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now and for future generations.

By following the Tiaki Promise, we are making a commitment to New Zealand. The Mayfair welcomes all guests to embrace the values of this promise, to act as a guardian, and to protect and preserve the place we call home.

Join us in taking care of our unique country.